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Mora TopLine Boxers


Mora TopLine Boxers

Thank you so much!! I have been saying this everyday! Bless you! Please keep praying for Katie!!!

Mora TopLine Boxers

I did not get it.. Please try again.. My email is [email protected] Enjoy your day :)

[/Ray Guest]

Ray Guest

I submitted a puppy questionaire just now, but got an error message. Can you please let me know if you received it? Also want to wish you the best on your girl. I hope she comes home soon.


Win Sheldon

I raise boxers and have you on my favorites. I read about Katie today. I prayed for Katie and your family. The Lord laid on my heart that Katie is close and the Lord is going to show you right where she is. If I may encourage you every morning when you get up say this scripture, This is the day the Lord has made I will rejoice and be glad in it. Psalm 118:24. Start thanking God for bring Katie back home. Speak it out, I thank you Lord for bring Katie back home today. The next morning say the same scripture over again and then start thanking God for bring Katie home today. Do this till Katie comes home. This keeps the door open for God to do His work. God knows right where Katie is and He is working in the spiritual (super natural) for you and your family to have Katie back to her rightful place (your home). Expect it cause He is the GREAT I AM! God has this one, Win Sheldon

Patty Lou Ohl

Came across your website & its awesome!! It truly shows your love for the Boxer Breed ") I have a beautiful male Boxer named "Stitch" cropped ears & very nice lines, reveresed sealed flashy brindle that is 8 yrs old this summer. But,.just two weeks ago we had to put our sweetheart "Zona Mae" (also a Flashy Brindle Boxer) down & our hearts have been broken for her.. We truly miss her !!

However, I did see ya'll have lost one of your beautiful females "Katie" & she is missing. I know this must be so hard & not knowing where she is.

I am so very sorry for you all & I have prayed for her to return home to you & your family. I ask the Lord to give you all Peace during this time.

Keep trusting in the Lord for her return for He is Faithful !

Bless you!

Patty Lou Ohl :)

Warner, Oklahoma

Mora TopLine Boxers

Thank you Diane.. Katie was with some of the other boxers in our front field.. she did not come back with them.. Katie would not leave her friend Rose! Someone had to of picked her up.. She could be anywhere... Please everyone keep your eyes open for her! We miss her so much!!! Reward for her return!!!

Diane F.

Saw on Craig's list you're missing Katie. So sorry, I'll pray you find her.

Sara Welch

I recently filled out a puppy questionnaire. I noticed your website mentioned you weren't receiving some of them. I'm emailing because we are very interested in adding a boxer to our family. Please email or call 612-991-2227. Thank you!

maria baldwin

My husband and I sent in a questionnaire. We are looking for a female that is fawn with a black mask, We don't know when you will be having more litters. We are anxious to hear from you. Sincerely, Maria

Michael Eliason

I sent in a puppy questionnaire, i was not sure if you received it. My wife and I are in the early stages of adding a boxer puppy. Would love additional information. Especially about upcoming liters. We are looking for a puppy sometime after March 1st. Based on the information on your website, my wife and I can tell that you love the breed, and care about where your puppies end up at. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Michael Eliason

Ryan Johnson

Hello, Was just googling for boxer pups here in MN! We just bought a house in Prior Lake, Mn and are very interested in a boxer puppy! Any additional information would be greatly appreciated! Thank much\

Ryan Johnson


I am wondering if you have any female Boxer puppies with their ears uncut? [email protected]

Pat Goltz

Beautiful Boxer's!

Nicole Hanson

I had to take a peek at your puppies, I was thinking about them today:) They are so cute!!!!

Rick Garcia

I ment food sorry

Rick Garcia

What kind of good should i give my puppys i give them royal canine

Mora TopLine Boxers

Hi Rick.. Boxers need alot of exorcize and good quality food to build good muscle :)

Rick Garcia

Hi i just want to know how do you make your Boxer's bulky

Mora TopLine Boxers

We have ear crops done @ Douglas County Animal Hospital in Alexandria w/ Glen Zebarth DVM

Report as: Spam

Diane F.

Could you post again who does your ear crops? 

Leigh Carter

Thank you so much for posting more photos! I can't wait!

Joan Leedy

I am still interested in a male boxer pet. When do you decide which puppies will be for sale as pets?


I just love your newest addition!!! ;)

Celi Durant

I just love all of the pictures of your puppies and horses! The two of you look just a lovely! :)

Have a good week! Happy Easter!


Scott Rozell


I was wondering if you could tell me who does your dogs' earcrops. I can't find any vets that are willing to do them up here on the IronRange. I'm not a back yard breeder but just a person who got a new Boxer puppyfrom a breeder near Bemidji MN. I lost my Boxer and just had to have anotherright away and would like to get his ears done. He has a rather high ear setand I think he will be one that as an adult will have loose ears that flopbackward and I’m hoping that ear cropping would make him look better. He’s a good looking dog otherwise.

Leigh Carter

Hi! I was wondering if there is a way to find out if I am on your list for prospective parents for either litter. I am happy to place a deposit if need be. I did fill out the puppy questionnaire and my phone number is (404)290-4475. Thank you!

Leigh Carter

The babies are beautiful! Thank you so much for posting pictures so soon. I have my fingers crossed!

Dan Krambeck

Beautiful dogs, I was wondering if your upcoming litter is already spoken for.

Mora TopLine Boxers

joleen platt says...

I loved your web site! I am wondering if you have a fawn stud available.

Thank you... A Fawn Stud available for what?

joleen platt

I loved your web site! I am wondering if you have a fawn stud available. 

joleen platt

I loved your web site! I am wondering if you have a fawn stud available.

joleen platt

I loved your web site! I am wondering if you have a fawn stud available.


your boxers are absolutely beautiful. we had gotten a boxer in april of 2008 and with my husband overseas i explored the idea of a second boxer for our family and in november of 2009 after seeing your video fun with our boxers on youtube we added our 2nd boxer. i just wanted to say thank you for that video it is a awesome video. :D. good luck with your boxers they are the best.


What beautiful, fun-loving dogs. Who wouldn't want one of these pups?

Mora TopLine Boxers

Diane F. says...

Will you be at the Land O lakes Dog Show Next weekend?

Hi Diane.. We will be at the Land O Lakes Show.. Vincent, Rocky and Burt are entered in the show.

Diane F.

Will you be at the Land O lakes Dog Show Next weekend?

Tomm Geistfeld

I am looking for a reverse brindle boxer pup. If I have to wait, it will be fine. Boxers have been a staple in our family all the way back to my grandfathers youth. I would like to extend the joy with my family.

Mora TopLine Boxers

Diann says...

I have gotten my first puppy and I am looking for a vet to crop her ears any suggestions? Thank you Diann 763-670-1850

Douglas County Animal Hospital - Alexandria MN -Doc. Zebarth -320-762-1575-- Show crops... No after care.

East Central Vets. Cambridge MN. Doc. Mary Olson_ 763-689-4604--- Mary does all the after care!


I have gotten my first puppy and I am looking for a vet to crop her ears any suggestions? Thank you Diann 763-670-1850

Kathy Newberg

Hi we have been looking at your website and are trying to see what puppies you have available. we wondering if there was anyway we could come and take a look at your dogs and the puppies? We are in Blaine Mn and would love to come up there today or tomorrow (labor day). If you could get back to me that would be great! Thanks so much!!

home# 763-757-2514 cell#763-807-2740

Susan Smaus

Hello! We are currently losing our 8 yr old Brindle male to cancer and want to add a puppy to our family. Please advise if you have any males available as we want a Boxer buddy for our 6 yr old Roxie.

Thank You!!


I am a little confused, I filled out and sent in a questionnaire, but when do you usually hear back or know anything about being able to visit the puppies???

Diane F.

I hope to get a puppy from Phoebe's next litter. Can't wait!

Becky Bedsaul

Hi your puppies are beautiful, I am interested in the flashy brindle Franklin, is he still available and if he is could you let me know the price I would really appreciate it . Thank you

Valerie Gammon

Your puppies are beautiful. We are looking for a male (or perhaps female) fawn with unusual beautiful markings. How can we speak with ou directly regarding immediate possibilities?

Kevin and Stephanie Boerboom

Congrats on the most recent litter. The puppies are beautiful. Our family, especially our girls, has enjoyed the anticipation of the births and hope to add one of the puppies to our family. Within our questionnaire, we stated that we are looking for a family dog to add to our crew. We currently have a 5 yr old female boxer that loves the company of other dogs. It would be wonderful if we could give her a companion.

Sam and Traci Reasoner

We filled out the puppy questionaire because we were so impressed with your website and your beautiful puppies. We love the pictures of the new owners and how happy and healthy the puppies appear to be. The parents are beautiful and seem to be wonderful, loving parents. This is exactly the type of reputable breeder we have been hoping to find. We are excited just in the anticipation that we may be lucky enough to add one of these gorgeous pups to our family. Thank you for providing such an informative website--the photos of the new owners with their puppies is priceless and we hope to join those photos.


Laurie Reagan

I just love Diamond, if we lived close I'd consider her for our two. We have siblings, 2 1/2 year olds from a breeder here in San Diego Cal area. White is just too risky out here in hot Palms Springs area, although when it is really hot and we are at work, our babies just go into the garage where the air is cool. They are pretty smart. They do get pretty lethargic in our heat though poor babies. Boxer lovers for ever though.

Thanks for sharing your pics I always love seeing the updates on FB. Little Lacey and Diamond, and Sam have been my favorites. Good luck in finding them all good homes.

Take care and God Bless.


Jordan Marshall

Brian & Cynthia, I am very interested in getting a Boxer pup, wondering if you still have any available or if there is another litter coming soon. Please give me a call when you have time- 612-716-1034.

Thanks- Jordan

DJ White Munson

Hello! My husband and I had Nike' an adopted male fawn for 7 years untl August 2009 after his second challenge with cancer. We are exploring a Champion Boxer for show to go with a Champion Miniature Daschund who is to be ready for adoption at the end of April. This is a new venture for me as I own my own personal training business and will have the dogs with me almost all the time. My in-laws own Shamrock Acres where they have bred labradors and pugs since 1950 and will be my primary resource for training and showing. Your feedback on my plan/thoughts are welcomed. I love your website! God's Blessings and much thanks! DJ:)


love your dogs... This is just my 3d litter 2nd try at show pups. Pretty good pedigrees.

Larry Johnson

Michael Spiegelberg says...

Love The Web-site,and Of Course The Boxers,Keep up with all the good things you do,Thank You for letting us enjoy your Boxers and Walkers ! Mike Spiegelberg ( and Family ) (Our Boxer Jada also !)

Michael Spiegelberg

Love The Web-site,and Of Course The Boxers,Keep up with all the good things you do,Thank You for letting us enjoy your Boxers and Walkers ! Mike Spiegelberg ( and Family ) (Our Boxer Jada also !)

Jon Paul

Hi Cindy,

Just a quick note to say how much we love Reggie... He's fantastic! We had him to the vet a couple weeks ago, now 7 months and 65lbs. I'll post some more pictures soon to Facebook so you can check him out. Good luck with the new litters. Happy New Year.


Happy New Year!

Pretty boxers and horses. :)


Lee Goodin

Hi Cindy, its the goodin's we purchased tytan [teddy] from you this last summer. Hope you got the christmas card with the pictures. Tytan is by far the best pet we have to date and can not say enough good things about him. We get lots of compliments on him. Thanks and merry christmas to you and your family.


Kelly Swanson

Hi Cindy

Beautiful pictures. Love your website!!!

Beautiful animals!


I am interested in buying a male boxer, I cannot find any contact on your page... Will you contact me?

Mora TopLine Boxers

When Signing our guestbook.. please also email us at [email protected] We do not get your Email Address when you sign the guestbook.So we can not email you! Thank You

Kayla Lyseng

Hi, i would love 2 get a boxer puppy i am looking for a female. If you have a litter coming i am very interested. How much would you be asking? thank you

Phil Kazik

I am looking for a boxer pup, please let me know if you currently have a litter, or if one is on the way. Thankyou

Mora TopLine Boxers

Hi Sarah.. Would you please email me.. [email protected] Thank you, Cindy

Sarah Murray says...

Hi Cindy, I purchased Lincoln from you back in the spring of '07 and wanted to give you an update--he is easily the most wonderful dog I have ever had!!! I just moved back to MN and would love to share some recent pics if you would be interested. Thanks!

Sarah Murray

Hi Cindy, I purchased Lincoln from you back in the spring of '07 and wanted to give you an update--he is easily the most wonderful dog I have ever had!!! I just moved back to MN and would love to share some recent pics if you would be interested. Thanks!

suzanne williams

Helping my daughter located in Rochester find the perfect boxer. Looking to purchase asap. call at 904 264-8284

Trace ragland

Looking for female fawn, white mask with alot of white markings.


Email or call me at your convenience. Very interested and would like to do business! thank you!

Adam and Jenny

Beautiful dogs. Please call at your leasure (612) 716-4012

Andy and Tasha

Please contact us any time at 612-270-4057. Thank you.

sharon vicario

love your boxers.

Rodny Toni

Nice website and beautiful Boxers


We would love a brindle female playmate for our 4 year old Maddy. You seem to be a very reputable breeder and look forward to hearing from you.

Tom Barnhart

Your puppies look very cute. We have a 10 year old boxer and have really loved her. We're thinking about getting a new puppy. You seem like really nice people.

Colleen L.

What beautiful dogs! You are clearly at the top of your game and the quality certainly shows through. I couldn't help but notice the whelping box, thermostat and the nice environment that you provide to keep them safe and sound. I'm a dog lover through and through....we have a beautiful great dane and standard poodles....a boxer is next for me. It is hard to restrain myself. Colleen


cute puppies :) All the best to you Jordane boxers


hope to get a boxer soon. we have been looking for 2 years. i already have the doggie toys.:tongue:


Hey, your pups are darling! will you be having more litters this year?

Oliver Family

Your puppies are very cute, we are looking for a playmate for our boxer. Please contact me when the pups are older.

Whitney Docher

I would love to buy a beautiful boxer puppy,perferable male, from you. Please call me when you have newborn puppies ready for the date I am ready to buy him from you.

Diane F.

Beautiful dogs! I think I may need one!


Your Boxers are beautiful would like to have one be part of our family:D

Mark Wall

Please contact me when my name comes up on the waiting list


You have very handsome dogs! Would be a pleasure to meet them sometime! :D

John Sorensen

Beautiful Boxers


I love boxers... recently lost one named Frazier to cancer and I have been contemplating whether I should get another one.

Stephanie Hopke

your photos of your puppies are beautiful. We had to put our boxer down on Sept. 15, 2008. He was a huge part of our family and very sadly missed. So, we are looking to see what is out there.


Love boxers? You are invited to join -The New Boxer Showcase a new forum. :D

Loris Rick

We Love boxer we cant wait to own another one

Carla Evenson

Love the dogs, they are gorgeous.

Sara and Wade

Great website! My husband and I are hopeful that our happening across this site will end with a new addition to our family.

Colleen M. Arndt

Tux is a great looking Walker, looks just like my guilding, Beau! They are the best horses God ever sent from heaven!


Eli & Pheobe are so beautiful!!

April Taylor

My hubby and I adopted Zoe (one of Jewel's pups) this past June. She is such a great dog! She has such a friendly and outgoing personality. She loves people and other dogs. We love spending time with her and watching her run and play at the dog park. Thanks for helping us grow our family!


cThank You For All Your Wonderful Comments! Please Also EMail Me So I Have Your Address andcontact Info.olor=red says...

Alicia Bianchi-Rossi

Your dogs are beautiful! My husband and I would be very interested in hearing about your future litters.


you have lovely boxers

Joe Ibanez

I am blessed by your website! You have beautiful boxers & i am so pleased to know that you worship God. God bless & stay strong!

Katherine Ferguson

Your puppies are gorgeous! As are your dogs! I really enjoyed looking at your dogs and would be interested in hearing about your future litters. Katherine

Jessi Blank

We are wondering how much you charge for breeding you boxer with E-mail us with some information


The boxers here are beautiful. I am very interested in finding the right boxer for my home.

Susan Revland

Hello... I am very interested in your 2 mature boxers on the website--particularly Lucy. My husband and I recently lost our beautiful Boxer--she was 11 years old and the joy of our lives! I would like to visit you as soon as it is convenient. My phone # is 701-219-3212. We live in Fargo. Thanks so much. Susan Revland




Pretty dogs :) my web site is Jordane Boxers

Katie and Matt Olson

Thank you so much! Matt and I were very impressed with your website, premises, and boxers, and are very happy with Abby. Your animals are clearly very important to you. We will recommend you to anyone interested in bringing home a boxer, and will send some pictures soon! Thanks again.


Nice pups. Do you still have Vincent?


you have a beautiful baby. Congratulations!!!!good luck with Jewels next liter!

Whispering Pines Stables

Your filly is gorgous!


Those are awsome pics Cindy, the one of you and Brian is absolutely beautiful! love ya! Millie

Whispering Pines Stables

Nice Website! Check out ours!

jerry and joanne robertson

Thanks Cindy for your note. Reba continues to do great. Baron, our 4 yr. old boxer, and Reba have truly bonded, do everything together- rip on the beach, tear in the house, mouth play wrestling, sleep, etc. Reba, 34 lbs. is learning her manners, ears nearly finished, loves people. We're delighted to have her!

sherry swanson

Wow that is a neat web site I did not know you had A horse at stud he is beatuiful. The web site is great.


Thank you so much for the joy have brought to our family with Daisy! She is a great dog! Your website looks fantastic, I love looking at the pictures.


Hi everyone. I love how you keep your site updated and fresh. Everytime I have come back to see it, you have added more. I have enjoyed seeing the puppies grow. Keep up the excellent work. Wow!


Hi Cindy, Michelle and I checked out your site. Enjoyed very much.The puppies are adorable!!


Been checking your pic's regularly. The puppies are all so beautiful. You do such a great job of taking care of them and getting them ready to go to their new homes. It makes it so much easier on the puppies and their new owners..


Hi, cute puppies. Good pictures. Have a great day, love ya's

Boxer Lover

Brian and Cindy,Thank you for letting me visit your boxers. Your dogs are beautiful! I really like the way you are running things.Clean and healthy.Your dogs and puppies are well cared for.I will be back next year, if you have another litter.Keep up the great job your doing.God Bless,Chris :D

Jennifer Fuhrman

Nice puppies, they all look fat and healthy! I had a female from Reggie too! He's a beautiful dog, I would have liked to see him in person! Are you getting the ears cropped in Alexandria? The puppy with the cup on it's head looks like Dr. Zebarths work. Just curious! I had one cropped there, he's awesome!!! Anwyays, nice website and I think Jewel is beautiful! Keep up the great work! You can visit my Boxers at Thanks and have a great day! Oh, and found your ad while browsing in the Startribune.


Wondering if Eli has been sold??? Beautiful puppies!!!

Boxer Lover


Boxer Lover



i really like you site great job. your pictures turned out have some beautiful animals.

Kelly n Tim

The pups are so cute! Makes me want to get another for Hemi to play with :) The site looks great. Take care


Way cool site, very impressive. Great pictures, good luck.




great looking site and pretty boxers, good luck with your new litter :) my website is

Kelly Swanson

Hey Cindy looks really cool!


Your boxers are beautiful. Also had a couple of questions: 1) What are the colorations of the 2 male puppies that Jewel whelped sired from Blackstone's Zeus? and 2) How much are your puppies?


Puppies are beautiful!!! Can't wait to see how they turn out as they grow, I am sure you will have some nice ones to choose from. Blackstone Boxers


They are beautiful, Congrats...

Chelsy Elhard

can't wait to see the new puppies

Kristi Pink

Nice website. You can tell the animals are greatly loved. 8)




Your site is very nice...good job

Boxer Lover

Great Site. Will check back on the puppies!:roll:

Angie Swanson

great job on the website hope you post some pictures of the new puppies great picture of the horse!

Millie Johnson

everyone has commented about the puppies, but what a beautiful horse!!

Nicole Hanson

Hey Cindy! Nice website you get here! I can't wait until the puppies are born! Have a great day!


Site looks great! Cant wait to see those pups! Blackstone Boxers